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2 x 25.2 volt, 22-ampere batteries are located in the nose baggage area under the floor on the left hand side of the aircraft.

The No.1 battery is located at the front and No.2 battery at the rear.

The batteries are switched on using either 1 or 2 battery switches located on the switch panel located to the left of the pilots seat.

Cessna built all Conquests up to serial No. 172 with 1 battery switch. This was modified to 2 switches after serial No.172 and was produced as a service kit to change all Conquests prior to Serial No.173.

Switch panel located to pilots left in cockpit. All FLIGHT.ORG AIR Conquests utilise 2 battery switches

Whenever possible an EPU start should be accomplished to extend the life of the aircraft batteries to ensure sufficient cranking charge is available for battery starts away from base.

All FLIGHT.ORG AIR conquests use lead acid batteries. Lead acid batteries will lose there voltage faster than ni-cad batteries but suffer far less problems.

AMP HOURS remaining in percent. Battery discharge characteristics.

If the aircraft is to be parked for more than 2 days it is advisable that the batteries be disconnected to prevent the cabin divider clock, cabin and cockpit lights, nose baggage lights and the avionics memory circuits do not drain battery power through the Hot Battery Bus.

Any time the batteries are disconnected, the avionics memory circuits will need to be reset.

It is imperative that an engine is not started using the aircraft battery with less than 24 volts indicated on the volt meter located on the lower left hand side of the instrument panel just above the switch panel.

Not utilising this practice is detrimental to battery life and can lead to a Hot Start potentially destroying an engine.

Care of batteries and battery life is very important for effective turbine operations and will save money in the long run.


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