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Battery and Generator Switches

Dual battery switches are provided to allow monitoring of each individual battery voltage and current by isolating the remaining battery.

Individual Generator switches allow manual operation of the generators allowing the pilot to turn a faulty generator off should the need arise.

If both generators fail in flight, equipment can be operated for a short time on battery power.

The engines will automatically switch to Manual Mode operations once insufficient battery power exists to run the Electronic Fuel Computers, this will require extra workload on the pilot to monitor engine limits as the automatic function will no longer exist in Manual Mode.

A Volt/Ammeter located on the lower left side of the instrument panel give a continuous indication of generator and battery output during all ground and flight operations.

A spring loaded 2 position selector switch located just above and to the left side of the volt/ammeter allows either left generator output or Battery charge rate to be displayed on the left ammeter guage. (This switch is spring loaded to left generator).

Left generator/Battery charge switch located just above volt/ammeter Spring loaded to left generator, but when held up in BATT position, Left Ammeter will indicate battery charge rate.

Battery and Generator Switches

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