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Cockpit Lighting

Cockpit lights provide general and local lighting for control panels, instruments and controls.

The instrument and panel lights are dimmed by rheostats located on the left hand circuit-breaker panel. The DAY/NIGHT switch is used to supply power to the panel lights.

Cockpit lighting controls shown top right

Two cockpit floodlights mounted in the overhead console are controlled by a single rheostat located on the overhead console.

The cockpit floodlights are used illumination of the forward isle and the instrument panel.

Overhead cockpit floodlights and rheostat

Two overhead map lights are provided for both crew members. They are also mounted in the overhead console and are controlled by individual rheostats that are mounted in the respective crew members arm rest.

Map light rheostat controls mounted in each crewmembers armrest.

Control panel lighting is achieved by the use of the traditional post lights and is controlled by the DAY/NIGHT switch located on the left hand circuit breaker panel (see top picture)

Cockpit Lighting

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