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The passenger compartment lighting includes an entrance light which is located on the inside of the upper cabin door.

This light can be operated by a switch mounted on the instrument panel or by a switch mounted on the cabin wall just forward of the cabin door.

When either of these two switches is activated the entrance light and the flood lights in the cockpit will illuminate.

Some Conquests have an optional timer associated with the entrance light circuitry which allowed the entrance light to remain illuminated for 15 minutes and would then extinguish automatically.

Entrance light switch

The passenger compartment lighting also includes overhead reading light assemblies which are located in the headliner above each seat.

These lights are activated by depressing the switch between the overhead light and the passenger air outlets.

Passenger light assembly and air outlet.

The nose baggage compartment also has optional lighting which is controlled by two manual switches located on each nose cabin baggage door (not the forward avionics compartment door).

These two manual switches are wired directly to the hot battery bus and therefore do not require the master switch to be turned on for the nose baggage lights to work.

Nose baggage light switch positions
Nose baggage light switch

Cabin Lighting

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