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Exterior Lighting

The Conquests exterior lighting consists of wingtip Navigation/strobe lights, landing lights (some models use retractable lights), nose gear taxi light, surface deice lights, optional rotating beacon and leading edge recognition lights.

The navigation lights are traditionally mounted on each wingtip and one on the tail cone.

These lights are operated by the NAV LIGHTS switch mounted on the left hand circuit breaker panel and can be checked for correct operation by observing the reflections on the ground.

Navigation lights control switch

The anticollision lights (strobe lights) which have their own power supplies, are mounted aft of the navigation lights.

These are operated by the ANTI-COLL LIGHTS switch mounted on the left hand circuit breaker panel.

Navigation & Anti collision light assembly
Anti collision lgt control switch

The landing lights are traditionally fitted to the lower surface of each wingtip and are retractable. FLIGHT.ORG AIR has improved its fleet of Conquests with a modified Xenon filament leading edge mounted landing light.

The retractable landing lights used traditionally were subject to speed restrictions and sometimes failed due to the extension mechanism failing.

Combination Recognition and landing light assembly

The newer Xenon landing lights being permanently mounted in the wing are not subject to these airframe speed limitations and have a much longer life span due to the higher quality filaments used.

The landing lights are operated by the LDG LIGHT switch mounted on the left hand circuit breaker panel.

Landing lights control switch

The taxi light is attached to the nose gear leg and in all FLIGHT.ORG AIR Conquests has also been upgraded to a Xenon filament light.

The taxi light is controlled by the TAXI light switch mounted on the left hand circuit breaker panel.

Nose landing gear mounted Taxi light
Taxi light control switch

It is imperative that the TAXI light switch be turned off as soon as possible after takeoff as the taxi light will not automatically extinguish when the gear has been retracted.

The Surface deice lights are located in each engine nacelle facing the outboard leading edges of the wings.

The lights are used for observing ice accretion on the wing leading edges during flight in icing conditions.

These lights are controlled by the DEICE light switches mounted on the left hand circuit breaker panel.

Engine nacelle mounted Deice lights
Deice light control switch

The Recognition lights are mounted beside the landing lights in all FLIGHT.ORG AIR Conquests and are also Xenon filament lights.

Traditionally these lights were always mounted in the wing leading edge and were an optional item on later model Conquests.

Exterior Lighting

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