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Master Warning System

The master warning system was an optional item that was incorporated into the annunciator panel on some Conquests.

FLIGHT.ORG AIR currently only has one aircraft that is fitted with the master warning lights but all Conquests use the annunciator panel to indicate system abnormalities, or system functions.

Master warning lights in VH-XXX & VH-XXX
Panel mounted Annunciator panel

The annunciator panel uses different coloured lights to indicate varying levels of action.

Red lights are used to indicate immediate corrective action items, i.e. fire warnings.

Amber lights indicate items that require immediate attention but not necessarily immediate action.

Some amber lights are also used to indicate that a system is functioning but is operating normally.

The reason for using an amber light for indicating normal system function for some items is that operating some systems, i.e. flaps prompts immediate attention from the pilot that a change to the aircraft configuration is about to occur.

Green lights are also used to indicate normal system operation.

Operation of the annunciator panel can be checked either in flight or during ground operations by depressing the TEST button located in the centre of the annunciator panel lights.

TEST button for the annunciator panel being operated.


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