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The Annunciator Panel

The annuciator panel contains 40 lights and is divided into two halves. Generally these two halves contain lights to indicate a system on the respective side of the aircraft.

The annunciator panel is powered by the main DC buses through the WARNING circuit breakers on the left hand circuit breaker panel under the pilots arm rest.


Warning system circuit breakers under pilots armrest. Controls power to annunciator panel.

The annunciator lights are designed to illuminate when a system operates or malfunctions and will remain illuminated until the associated system ceases operating or the malfunction is corrected.

Master Warning lights

Master Warning lights (if fitted) will illuminate and flash whenever a red light on the annunciator panel illuminates.

There are 2 other situations that will cause the Master Warning lights to illuminate and flash which are:

  • Whenever the L. GEN OFF and R. GEN OFF lights both illuminate, i.e. during a normal engine shutdown, or
  • Whenever the annunciator TEST button is depressed.

The Master Warning lights can be reset by pressing either Master Warning button.

This action cancels the lights and resets the system should another system fail.

The Master Warning lights do not dim during night operations.

Intensity Control

The annunciator panel lights intensity is controlled by the DAY/NIGHT switch which controls the instrument panel lights located on the left hand circuit breaker panel.


DAY/NIGHT switch which controls annunciator panel and instrument panel illumination intensity.

Test Function

The TEST button is used to verify annunciator panel bulb function and operation of the landing gear warning horn. Note: it does not test correct warning system function.

Other lights may also illuminate while the TEST button is depressed like the ignition lights, markers etc. but will depend on what systems are fitted in each individual Conquest.


Fire bottle armed lights will not illuminate when the TEST button is depressed if associated fire bottle has been discharged and not reserviced.

Annunciator Panel & Master Warning Lights

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