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The Conquests fuel system utilises integral wet wing fuel tanks positioned between the front and rear spars of each wing.

The fuel system can cross feed and transfer fuel from one tank to the other and normally uses tank to engine feed to deliver fuel to each engine, i.e. left tank to left engine.

Each fuel tank contains 2 electric boost pumps, 2 transfer ejector pumps and five fuel quantity sensors located at various positions throughout the fuel tank.

There is one filler cap per tank, a NACA air scoop on the lower side of the wing for fuel tank venting and an internal hopper tank for fuel storage located at the inboard section of each tank to keep the boost pumps submerged during all phases of flight.

The Conquest holds 481.5 US Gallons total fuel with only 475 US Gallons total useable fuel.

Fuel is displayed to the pilot using fuel guages calibrated in fuel weight (LBS) not fuel litres this applies to both the fuel quantity guages and the fuel flow guages and also utilises an independent low fuel warning system located on the annunciator panel.


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