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Fuel storage

Fuel is stored in each integral wet wing and utilises a fuel hopper tank from where the fuel is delivered to each engine via the electric boost pumps.

The hopper tank maintains the Main and Auxillary boost pumps submerged in fuel ensuring positive fuel flow to the engines during all phases of flight.

Side view of the left wing hopper tank

The hopper tank is kept full by the transfer ejector pumps, which utilise motive flow from the Main or Auxillary boost pumps during normal operation.

The transfer ejector pumps have no moving parts and rely solely on the motive flow of high pressure fuel flowing through the venturi shaped transfer ejector pump providing high volume low pressure fuel from the lowest points of each fuel tank into the hopper tank.

Transfer ejector pump located both fwd and aft of the hopper tank in each wing.

The transfer ejector pumps will ensure that the minimum useable fuel available from each fuel tank is optimised.

Should the transfer ejector pumps fail for any reason the annunciator panel will display the R. / L. X-FER PUMP FAIL light, therefore expect the unuseable fuel to increase as the hopper tanks will not be kept full.

Fuel storages

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