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The Conquest is powered by two Garrett TPE331 single shaft turboprop engines. Two different variations of the engine are used the TPE331-8 and the TPE331-10 engines.

The TPE331-8 (or dash 8) engine develops 635.5 shaft horsepower static at mean sea level. The TPE331-10 (or dash 10) engine develops 715 shaft horsepower under the same conditions.

The engines on the Conquest are normally operated by on board computers which control the engine automatically with only minor control inputs from the pilot required during normal operation.

Should a fault in the computers occur during any phase of flight, the computers can be either manually or automatically changed to manual control requiring the pilot to monitor all torque and temperature limits to ensure that no operating limitations are exceeded.

Computer controlled operation is known as normal mode, and manual engine operation is known as manual mode.


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