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A fuel purging system is fitted to the Conquests engine in compliance with EPA requirements.

The fuel purging system is designed to remove fuel from the engines fuel manifolds and fuel nozzles and burn them in the combustion chamber during the engine shutdown cycle.

EPA Purge system

The EPA purge system utilises P3 air from the two engine compressors and stores it in a small canister mounted on the left hand side of the engine as viewed from the rear of the engine. This canister is charged with compressed air every time the engine is operated above 95% engine RPM.

EPA purge canister mounted on left side of engine

The fuel purging system is activated electrically by pressing the associated engine stop button. Note: To ensure complete exhaustion of the air from the fuel purge canister the STOP button should be held for at least five seconds.

Pressing and holding the respective STOP button for five seconds allows the compressed air stored within the EPA purge canister to discharge through a flow divider and into the primary and secondary fuel manifolds and fuel nozzles.

This purged fuel will then enter the combustion chamber and be burned before the engine flames out.

Fuel Purging System

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