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The Conquest utilises pneumatic air pressure supplied from engine compressor bleed air to run the following aircraft systems:

  • Surface deice boots,
  • Hydraulic reservoir pressure,
  • Instrument air systems,
  • Windshield anti-ice, and
  • Pressurisation vacuum systems.

Bleed air is provided by both engines and is extracted from the second stage compressor section of each engine. Should the aircraft be operated with only one engine in flight, sufficient pneumatic air will still be provided for successful operation of all pneumatic systems fitted to the Conquest.

C441 Conquest pneumatic air system

Bleed air is routed from each engine initially to two different points:

  • The engine inlet anti-ice valve, and
  • The bleed air firewall shutoff valves.

From the bleed air firewall shutoff valves, the pneumatic air then proceeds through check valves for distribution to the pneumatic system components.

Firewall shutoff valve location Engine inlet Anti-ice valve

Bleed air to the pneumatic system is controlled by the PRESS SOURCE selector located at the bottom of the centre pedestal. The system also utilises a number of sensors located throughout the system to allow emergency indication to the flight crew of any system malfunctions through the annunciator panel.

Pressurisation source selector


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