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System Description - Distribution

Bleed air that is routed to the normally open firewall shutoff valves then passes through distribution manifolds and then through check valves to a ducting system that distributes the air to the windshield anti ice system and the pneumatic distribution regulator.

C441 Conquest pneumatic air system

This pneumatic distribution regulator then distributes the air to the remaining pneumatic systems. The right hand engine also supplies pneumatic air to an emergency pressurisation air system in the event of an air cycle machine failure at altitude whilst the cabin is pressurised.

The RH engine provides bleed air for emerg. pressurisation

Pneumatic air from both engines is also routed through pressure regulating and shutoff valves and is routed to the air cycle machine for use in the cabin pressurisation system. Flow limiting valves are positioned up stream of the air cycle machine which are used during ground operations to increase the flow of air into the cabin through the air cycle machine.

Limiting Valves


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