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Ice and Rain Protection

The Conquest Ice and Rain protection systems are designed to prevent and to remove ice or rain from critical areas of the airframe. These systems are utilise either electrical power or pneumatic powered systems to accomplish either de-icing or anti icing depending on the system.

The Conquest’s anti icing and de-icing package allows for flight in icing conditions in accordance with FAA regulations which are adopted under Australian standards. The aircrafts ice and rain protection systems are to be used in accordance with the aircraft flight manual in order to fulfill the requirements laid down in the FAA regulations.

The ice and rain protection system consists of the following items:

  • Wing and empenage de-ice boots,
  • Propeller de-ice boots,
  • Windshield anti ice vent,
  • Engine inlet anti ice,
  • Heated stall warning vane, and
  • Heated pitot tubes and static ports.

Even though the Conquest is fitted with ice and rain protection systems, the possibility that the aircraft will enter icing conditions that will be beyond the protective capability of these systems still exists.

Anti icing systems are designed to prevent the ice from forming and must be switched on before entering icing conditions. De icing systems are designed to remove ice accretions and must be used after entering icing conditions.


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