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The Cessna 441 is a pressurised, all metal, low wing, twin turbo prop aircraft with a semi-monocoque structure.

It is powered by two Garrett TPE331 series engines that are flat rated at 635.5 SHP for the TPE331-8 engines and 715 SHP for the TPE331-10 engines.

Each engine drives either a 3 bladed Hartzell or a 4 bladed McCauley, fully feathering, constant speed propeller which is hydraulically actuated by engine oil pressure.

The aircraft is a Normal Category aeroplane and is certified for single pilot IFR operations, day or night and 'is' certified for icing conditions.


Mccauley props | Hartzell Props

Figure 1-2 of the Flight Safety manual shows the Conquest with a turning circle of 66.82ft (20.37mtrs).

The ground clearance for the propellers on flat ground is 10.2 in (259 mm). This will cause small debris to be lifted into the prop. disc during ground operations, so take care with the use of power on loose ground.

Figure 1-5 of the Flight Safety manual shows the Conquest with a wing span of 49.33ft (15.03mtrs). Some taxi ways at Sydney are limited to smaller wing spans so be aware of this limitation.

The fuselage is 39.02ft (11.89mtrs) long with a tail height 13.14ft (4.0mtrs) above the ground.

View a picture of the Cessna 441 Conquest dimensions.

Aircraft Variances

The Conquest went through many subtle design modifications during its manufacturing history with most modifications being available as service kits.

Therefore subtle differences exist between aircraft serial numbers. FLIGHT.ORG AIR has a standardised fleet of Cessna 441 Conquests.


As you can see only subtle differences exist between fleet aircraft.


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