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Walk-around procedure

To speed up the course we will move straight into the walk around procedure for the Conquest and bypass the AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS section of the Flight Safety manual as all items in this section will be covered in detail in later sections of this course.

The walk around procedure is listed in the Normal Procedures section of the flight manual and is not that different to most light twins.

We will present the walk around in both text and pictorial methods to help emphasize the important points of the walk around procedure.

The walk around begins inside the cockpit with the usual items of removing the control lock, setting the park brake and checking the correct position of various switches, such as the landing gear selector switch and all electrical switches off.

Trim tab positions, circuit breakers and cabin fire extinguisher can also be checked.

The Conquest utilises an oxygen system which should be used during depressurised emergency descent situations.

The pilot and co-pilot oxygen masks should be checked for correct operation and the oxygen cylinder contents checked via the oxygen pressure guage.

Pilot's oxygen mask
Oxygen pressure guage

The Fuel selector should be set to normal tank to engine feed and the battery switches turned on to check fuel quantity.

Stall warning and pitot heat switches can be turned on for approx. 20 secs. then off again and all external lights can be checked for correct operation.

Now is also a good time to complete the high power monitor check which is usually accomplished as a pre start checklist item.

The high power monitor check is used to test the operation of the high power monitor and the fuel control monitoring circuitry. (Refer to page 7-20 of the Flight Safety manual for this procedure).

This completes the internal portion of the Walk around procedure, the rest is completed by moving in a clockwise direction around the airframe from the rear cabin door.

Internal Pre flight

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