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Check the flaps for condition and security. These flaps are bonded so check for any disbonding.

Check the landing gear and landing gear doors.

Check all Hydraulic components in the MLG wheel well. Also check fire bottle pressure (usually 500 - 600 KpA)

Check brakes and also tyres for condition. Look for flat spots in particular.
Check condition of engine eductor pipe.

Inspect aileron and attach points

Inspect all Static discharge wicks for security and condition.
Inspect Navigation lights and strobes.

Inspect Landing and Recognition lights and Stall warning vane.
Inspect Fuel tank contents and cap security.

Check that anti ice fuel tank vent are clear on lower wing surface.
Check condition of de-ice boots.

Check de-ice light and engine cowl for security.
Inspect engine oil level and oil filter bypass.

Inspect temp. probe and condition of compressor blades in the engine intake.

Inspect the prop. blades and spinner for condition. Also inspect the prop. anti-ice boots.

Oil filter bypass indicator (red button will protrude if bypassed). Check engine oil tank cap and dipstick

Check number and security of Vortex generators and condition of anti-ice boot on inboard wing.
Check Hyd. fluid reservoir located on LH inboard wing (sight glass will appear dark if sufficient fluid)

Check windscreen anti-ice vents are clear of obstructions. Be cautious of these vents when washing the aircraft too (they can fill up with water).

Conduct fuel drain. The conquest has 3 drains per side (6 in total).
Check that nose baggage doors are locked prior to flight.

Check battery box drains (left pic) and the bleed air overboard dump drain (right pic).

Blow down bottle press and Windscreen bleed air dump valve both located in the nose bg comp.

Check hydraulic components in NLG bay.

Pay particular attention to NLG door brackets.

Cracks can form in these brackets.

Check Ram air and ACM air inlets and temp. probe for obstructions and condition.

Check emergency exit is mounted correctly in fuselage.
Check static ports for obstructions (tape?) and condition with attention to static ports after washing the a/c.

The items on the right hand wing are identical to the left wing except there is no stall warning vane on the right hand side. We will re-commence from the rear of the right hand wing moving along the fuselage towards the empennage.

Check tail section drains, oxygen over pressure disc and Outflow valve vent located on lower fuselage skin on tail section.

Check de-ice boots on Vert. and Hori. Stab. Check elevator and rudder hinges too. Pay particular attention to outboard elevator hinges.

Take a look at the belly of the Conquest before completing the walk around paying attention to any fluid leaks, antenna conditions and anything you believe may be suspicious.

This completes the walk around procedure and the AIRCRAFT GENERAL section of the course.

External Pre flight

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