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System Descriptions - Air Conditioning

Bleed air from the engines flows through the pressure regulating and shutoff valves which regulate the bleed air pressure at 38.5 PSI. The bleed air line from the right engine is also routed to an emergency pressurisation control valve.

Air Conditioning system (Click for larger image)

The PRESS SOURCE selector controls the flow of bleed air from the engines for the environmental system and is normally operated in the BOTH position.

For extreme temperature operations the GRND position may be used in normal mode on the ground to increase the flow of bleed air into the cabin and cockpit areas. This position on the selector will also illuminate the BLEED AIR GROUND light on the annunciator panel.

Pressurisation source selector
BLEED AIR GND annunciator light

The GRND position of the PRESS SORUCE selector will approximately double the flow of air into the cabin increasing the efficiency of heating or cooling the cabin during extreme temperature operations.

The aircraft will be operated in conditions within Australia that will exceed the capability of the air conditioning and GRND function of the air conditioning system.

System Description

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