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Air Distribution

The cabin air distribution system consists of an overhead duct with wemac air outlets and warm air outlets located at the rear of the cabin forward of the rear door on the left and right hand sides just above the floor.

Air Distribution System

Bleed air that is ducted to the cabin will be tapped off at different points to the passenger compartment and cockpit via the air distribution ducts.

Airflow can be increased by using the blower fan switch located beside the MAN TEMP CONT switch in the air conditioning control cluster.

Cabin fan blower switch

The Cabin fan blower switch is a three position switch that is labeled HIGH, OFF and LOW.

This switch is not spring loaded and must be manually selected to either the HIGH or LOW positions by the pilot.

This switch serves only to increase the flow of air throughout the air distribution system and does not draw air from any other source.

Air Distribution

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