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Ventilation is only available when the aircraft is operated unpressurised.

With the ACM not operating and the Cabin Vent Control knob pulled out air is drawn from the ram air inlet in the nose and is routed through ducts into the cabin air ducts.

Ram air inlet
Cabin Vent Control knob

Air distribution System

The velocity of the air flowing through the air distribution system whilst unpressurised can be achieved by using Cabin fan switch in either the HIGH or LOW position as required.


Defrosting/defogging is usually achieved through the use of foot warmer valves located on the forward cabin side walls to direct airflow onto the front and side windscreens of the cockpit.

All FLIGHT.ORG AIR Conquests have had these valves disconnected as they were never very succesful.

The foot warmer valves have been replaced by blower fans positioned such that sufficient airflow is directed onto the windscreen to deffost/defog the windscreen more succesfully.

A two position DEFOG switch marked ON and OFF is used to control the defog fans.

Cabin Flood system

The cabin flood system simply consists of a grill positioned on the floor between the pilot and co-pilot seats which allows a high volume of air to enter the forward portion of the cabin resulting in a more efficient method of heating or cooling.

The cabin flood grill is controlled by a push/pull cabin flood knob located on the right hand side of the centre pedestal.

Cabin air flood knob


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