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The Conquest Pressurisation system is used to lower the cabin altitude of the aircraft during flight, particularly at flight levels. This is achieved by allowing conditioned bleed air from the ACM into the cabin and controlling the amount of air allowed to escape overboard.

The cabin pressure is controlled by an adjustable pressure controller, an outflow valve, a safety valve, two cabin altitude limit valves and two solenoid valves, a landing gear squat switch, an emergency dump toggle valve and finally a regulated vacuum supply.

Pressurisation System

General System operation

Cabin pressurisation is obtained by releasing conditioned air under pressure into the cabin and limiting the rate at which the air is released back to the atmosphere.

During proper system operation the cabin will maintain a sea level cabin altitude up to a flight altitude of 14,700 ft.

At this point the cabin altitude will gradually rise until it reaches a cabin altitude of 10 900 ft. at a flight altitude of 35 000 ft.

The following table shows the theoretical increase as the aircraft climbs.

Pressures will impose max diff of 6.3 PSI on a/c structure


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