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Hydraulic power systems

The Conquest Hydraulic power systems are operated by two engine driven hydraulic pumps which provide hydraulic power for the flap and landing gear sub-systems.

This type of hydraulic system is classed as an ‘open centre’ hydraulic system which means that when the sub-systems are not in use, hydraulic fluid bypasses pump output, to return without a build up of pressure. Bypassing of the hydraulic fluid ceases and pressure is provided when a sub-system is operated.

The output of the two constant displacement pumps is passed through filters and pressurises the system. The filters will be bypassed should they become blocked (there is nothing to indicate that bypassing has occurred).

Conquest Hydraulic System

Either hydraulic pump is capable of running the entire system even when the engine is operating at ground idle.

The system supplies the hydraulic pumps with ‘pressurised’ fluid from the hydraulic reservoir by engine bleed air.

Three lights on the annunciator panel indicate to the pilot when the system is pressurised and warn of insufficient flow for normal operation.

HYD PRESS ON and L. HYD FLOW LOW lights on the left hand annunciator panel.


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