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Landing Gear and Braking System

The Conquest Landing gear system is a retractable, tricycle undercarriage which is a sub-system of the hydraulic power system as discussed in the previous section. Nose wheel steering for the undercarriage is manually actuated through the rudder pedals and associated control cables and linkages.

NLG wheel well

The landing gear has three air over oil shock struts.

The Main landing gear (MLG) utilises a trailing link landing gear strut, whilst the Nose landing gear (NLG) is a conventional strut that is also self centering.

Trailing link MLG leg
Conventional NLG leg

In the retracted position, the NLG is fully enclosed inside the fuselage and is covered by the mechanically actuated NLG gear doors.

The MLG in the retracted position, is only partially covered exposing some of the wheel but covering the strut. The MLG doors are once again mechanically actuated by the MLG strut.

Main LG leg mechanical door linkage
Nose LG leg mechanical door linkages

The landing gear is locked in the down position by internal hydraulic locks inside the hydraulic actuators.

Mechanical up-locks are used to hold the gear in the retracted position during flight. These up-locks are sequenced during the down cycle so that they are removed prior to the landing gear moving toward the down and locked position.

MLG leg mechanical up-lock
NLG leg mechanical up-lock

Landing gear position indication is provided by three green lights for down and locked and one red GEAR UNLOCKED light which are positioned beside the gear selector switch at the left side of the centre pedestal on the instrument panel.

Landing gear selector switch and indicator lights

The gear is controlled electrically with the landing GEAR switch which activates the retract or extend solenoid of the gear control valve and the bypass valve in the hydraulic system.

The gear is therefore an electrically operated, but hydraulically actuated system and requires electrical power for normal operation of the system.


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