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Emergency Gear Extension

If the landing gear fails to extend correctly, an emergency pneumatic system is fitted allowing a one shot extension of the landing gear.

The emergency extension system consists of a nitrogen bottle, a shuttle valve, an actuation handle and associated pipe work to the hydraulic system.

The emergency gear extension system is activated by pulling the red EMER GEAR CONTROL handle.

Once activated, nitrogen pressure from the emergency air bottle is released through a shuttle valve to the extend side of the landing gear actuators, extending the gear towards the down and locked position.

Once the gear has fully extended, the down locks inside the actuators will engage and the down and locked micro switches will be energised causing the three green down and locked lights to illuminate.

Should one of the MLG lights fail to illuminate, simply yaw the aeroplane to provide airload assistance to lock the gear into place.

Once the emergency gear extension procedure has been used, subsequent retraction of the landing gear cannot be achieved. Ground servicing of the system is required prior to normal use of the system.

The emergency air bottle (nitrogen) should be checked for correct pressure prior to flight. This is carried out visually via a sight guage located at the rear of the nose baggage area.

Emergency air bottle pressure guage located at the rear of the nose baggage locker

Emergency Gear Extension

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