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Nose Wheel Steering system

The nose wheel steering for the Conquest is actuated by the rudder pedals which are connected by cables to the NLG leg.

These cables are spring loaded cables providing constant resistance steering of the nose wheel which can be supplemented by differential braking and differential power.

The nose wheel steering has two basic limitations which are:

  • The rudder lock must be disengaged prior to taxi and ground towing operations, and
  • Turning limits must be observed during towing operations on the ground.

Disengage rudder lock prior to taxi or ground towing operations

Observe turn limits during towing operations

If the steering limit on the nose leg is exceeded during towing operations the steering stop may shear causing damage to the nose strut.

During taxi operations the minimum turning radius specified in the Flight Manual (66.82 ft) is achieved through the use of full rudder, maximum differential braking and the use of differential power.

Nose Wheel Steering system

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