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Braking system

The braking system for the Conquest consists of two rudder pedal mounted brake master cylinders, two disc brake caliper assemblies and associated hydraulic plumbing to complete the system.

Each master cylinder provides hydraulic pressure to the respective disc brake caliper which is activated by plantarflexion movement of the respective rudder pedals.

All rudder pedals are between the pilot and co-pilot sides are interconnected, therefore brake application can be achieved from either side.

Conventionally, brakes can be applied either simultaneously for stopping in a fixed direction, or independently for differential braking to assist with aircraft turning radius.

A park brake handle is provided under the lower left side of the instrument panel and is pulled out whilst holding the brakes ‘ON’ to engage the park brake system.

The park brake operates by trapping hydraulic pressure in the brake lines during brake application. To release the park brake the parke brake handle is simply pushed in to release the trapped pressure in the brake lines.

The brakes do not require application to release the park brake.

Note: Always exercise caution when applying the park brake whilst the brakes are hot after heavy brake applications, this may cause the brake discs to distort due to the high temperatures experienced by the brake discs.

Park brake handle located beside the pilots left knee

Braking System

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