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Flight Controls

The Conquest is fitted with manually actuated and manually trimmed primary flight controls.

Flaps are electrically operated and hydraulically actuated and a yaw damper and stall warning system are also fitted as standard items.

The primary flight controls are conventional cable operated systems with the rudder and ailerons being interconnected to assist with pilot co-ordination during turn initiation.

The flight controls are locked by a control column pin which is inserted after flight with an external rudder lock being provided at the base of the rudder on the left hand side of the tail cone.

Control column lock
External rudder lock (unlocked by application of full up elevator)

The primary flight controls are manually trimmed with all three axes capable of trimming in flight.

The trim wheels are all located on the centre pedestal and utilise mechanical pointers for pre flight inspection from inside the cockpit of trim tab positions.

Note: This should still be checked visually however during the preflight walk around.

Manually operated trim wheels

The elevator is also provided with an electric elevator trim, which is thumb operated by a push-pull switch mounted on the pilots control column.

An AP/TRIM DISC switch is also mounted on the control column for use in the event that a trim runaway event occurs.

Electric trim and AP/TRIM DISC switches

Conventional operation of the electric trim switch is used with the elevator trim also being able to be manually adjusted on the trim wheel for fine tuning adjustments if required.

The electric elevator trim is to be tested prior to flight by holding the trim switch in one direction and then simultaneously pressing the AP/TRIM DISC switch to turn off the electric trim.

The electric trim is then tested in the opposite direction in the same manner.

During flight, activation of the electric elevator trim will also disconnect the autopilot and yaw damper functions.

This will also be accompanied by a two second decreasing aural tone and illumination of the A/P OFF light on the instrument panel.

Two second aural tone and AP OFF light illuminates with AP disconnect

The Yaw damper provides automatic yaw axis stabilisation and can be activated anytime except during takeoff or landing.

It is activated by the AP/YD switch located on the autopilot control head in the middle of the centre pedestal.

The yaw damper operates independently of the autopilot but is automatically turned on when the autopilot is selected on.

The AP/YD switch located on the autopilot control head

The yaw damper utilises a computer in the turn and slip indicator for yaw rate signals which drives an electric servo for rudder deflection as required.

The yaw damper can be disconnected by manually selecting the AP/YD switch to OFF or by preferably by pressing the A/P TRIM DISC switch on the control column.


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