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The Stall Warning System

An electric stall warning vane is mounted on the outboard leading edge of the left hand wing.

This vane switch transmits a signal through a transducer to a horn located in the cockpit which activates if the angle of attack reaches stall conditions (usually 5-10 KIAS above the stall).

The Stall warning vane

The stall warning vane is electrically heated for operation in known icing conditions and is activated by the STALL VANE switch located on the left hand switch panel beside the pilot.

This anti ice feature of the stall warning vane is wired through the left hand squat switch on the landing gear so that during ground operations the stall vane is only heated to low intensity.

The stall warning vane can be checked prior to flight by selecting electrical power ‘on’ and selecting the STALL VANE switch to ‘on’.

The stall vane can then be physically checked by moving the vane upwards and listening for the horn to activate inside the cockpit, and by noting the temperature of the stall vane with your fingers (it should be warm).

The stall warning vane is also used for inputs to an optional angle of attack indicator which can be fitted to some Conquests.

None of the FLIGHT.ORG AIR fleet are fitted with this option as it only provides a visual indication of the approaching stall in addition to the aural indication of the stall warning horn.

The Stall Warning System

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