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Oxygen System

The Conquest carries an adequate supply of supplemental oxygen for use at all altitudes.

The oxygen system utilises stored high pressure oxygen which is delivered to all occupants at low pressure through delivery masks stored either in the cockpit for the crew or in the ceiling of the cabin for all passengers.

Conquest crew oxygen mask
Conquest passenger oxygen mask storage

The oxygen cylinder used in the Conquest is stored in the tail section of the aircraft directly behind the rear pressure bulkhead.

It is available in two sizes, the first being the standard 11.0 Cu. Ft cylinder with an optional 114.9 Cu. Ft cylinder which is the size fitted to the entire FLIGHT.ORG AIR Conquest fleet.

A manual shutoff valve and regulator are fitted to the cylinder to control the flow of oxygen to all of the aircraft occupants.

A filler valve is fitted to the underside of the tail section of the aircraft for servicing of the oxygen cylinder with the cylinder pressure being shown on a pressure guage located on the right hand side of the instrument panel in the cockpit.

Oxygen filler valve
Oxygen pressure guage

The fully serviced oxygen cylinder should read between 1550 PSI to 1850 PSI with the system being required to be charged whenever the pressure guage reads below 300 PSI.

An overboard discharge indicator is provided in the system for a visual indication that an over pressure situation has occurred. This is in the form of a green disc located next to the Oxygen cylinder filler valve on the lower skin of the tail section.

Oxygen over pressure indicator. This disc will disappear if an overpressure situation has occurred

Inspection of the disc is carried out during the pre flight inspection by simply noting the presence of the disc in the appropriate position of the fuselage.

If the green disc is missing, then a new disc must be fitted and the system recharged before flight.


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