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Oxygen Masks - P1

Various types of masks may be fitted to different serial number Conquests however FLIGHT.ORG AIR have fitted the standard quick donning masks to the crew positions of their fleet for standardisation.

Oxygen flow to these masks is available on demand and are plugged into oxygen mask outlets located behind the outboard crew armrests on either side of the cockpit.

Quick donning crew mask
Oxygen mask outlet

A service kit for the upgrade of all crew oxygen masks was implemented so that the maximum altitude capability of the aircraft could be increased from 31 000 ft to 35 000 ft.

All of FLIGHT.ORG AIR’s fleet have been upgraded with this modification as have most of the Conquests around the country.

To operate the crew masks, simply plug the mask in to the oxygen outlet and fit the mask to the face using the adjustable straps. Breath normally through the mask until the use of oxygen is no longer required at the completion of the descent to a lower cruise altitude.

Once the mask is fitted to the face correctly, any radio calls that may need to be made can be done so through the mask microphone without the removal of the mask being required.

Note: Ensure that the mask microphone is plugged in and the microphone selector switch moved to the OXY MASK position prior to use.

The passenger masks are stowed in overhead compartments with each mask consisting of a face plate or cup, a flow bag, a lanyard with a pintle pin and a head strap. An orifice in the supply tubing provides a constant flow of oxygen to the mask once the pintle pin is removed during the donning process.

An altitude compensating regulator is installed in the oxygen flow line to reduce oxygen use at lower altitudes. This device increases the duration of the oxygen system but is only available to the passenger masks. Crew masks are fitted with their own regulator which can be switched between either a 100% position or a NORMAL flow position.

Quick donning crew mask with adjustable regulator

The NORMAL position on these masks will dilute the oxygen with ambient air whilst the 100% position will allow undiluted oxygen to flow to the pressure demand mask and is the recommended position for operations at all altitudes.

The NORMAL position can be used below 20 000 ft to increase the duration of the oxygen supply in the system.

Should oxygen masks need to be deployed in the cabin area for use by the passengers a manually selected DEPLOY switch can be operated by either crew member in the cockpit.

This switch also has a NORMAL position which is the usual position during normal flight operations and is also connected to a barometric pressure switch which will automatically deploy the passenger oxygen masks should the cabin altitude exceed 14 500 ft.

The NORMAL/DEPLOY passenger oxy mask switch

Individual pairs of passenger masks can be deployed by inserting a ball point pen into a 1/8 inch hole at the rear of each oxygen mask compartment located on the cabin ceiling. When passenger oxygen supply is no longer required, the flow of oxygen to the passenger masks will not cease until the pintle pins are reinserted into the flow control valves located in the passenger mask compartments.

Insert ball point pen or similar here to individually open the passenger mask compartment

Oxygen Masks - 1

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